Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Takes A Pair To Beat The Odds

As I was watching 50/50 last night I was moved by Joseph Gordon-Levitt's nuanced performance and I admired his character's great portrayal of bullshit tolerance. I love how his composed demeanor crumbles with more and more evidence shown and I love how the filmmakers have shown Kübler-Ross model at work.There is a great movie there and great underlining to the story of what happens when one's love exempts someone from marketing forces.

I love how his friend Kyle (in Seth Rogen's brilliant performance) manages never to reveal the depth of his shock and his fear at the same time being biggest blabbermouth on the planet (talk about hidden in plain sight).

I love the part when it is finally clear to Adam that there is such a thing as the duration of "forever" and also crushing finality of "never again".

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