Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let there be Music... Thursday!

Work crazyness and new home shenanigans have ceased a bit and in forseable future there should be more time for me to write here about things that make me happy.

Happy like music makes me happy..

End of the last year brought on quite a lot of chart-making and summary writting and I enjoyed remembering and summarizing but I've also hated the arbitrary note of choosing the best among music released in a single year. I do not listen to music in terms of new or old releases. I do not care for release date in any way but to give the music in question its sociocultural background, context that intensifies the experience seldomly by looking at one album or one song. Sociocultural background and time-space coordinates are the parameters that make a difference in context of work and growth and changes and discographies. Out of that context, one of band and its music as a living organism, one album or one song is but a fleeting snowflake - every one different, but all just the same.

So I think I will invest some time talking and writing about music I like the way I like it. Taking sides, praising tries, glorifying successes and mourning failures. With no regard to release-date-freshness of the material, but with regard to its freshness to my own feelings and to function music fulfills to me, the recipient, and to music makers as senders of the message.

Additionaly, I like my happines served regularly so I'll do this every Thursday beginning today.

Today I share few photos from gigs I haven't written about. Yet. But I loved them nevertheless.

Dosh Lee (Velika Rock Eksplozija #5 @Močvara)

Zvonka adjusting before gig on Strossmartre.

Bernays Propaganda at Močvara.

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