Thursday, January 10, 2013

To Make Myself Proud

In July 2012. I wrote about Penny Arcade and how they are going to employ crowdfunding to make some of their dreams come true and to experiment some in the process. Kickstarter campaign was a sparkling success and I was thrilled and overjeyed to see that through as a backer. 

And now, I even got a Certificate of Appreciation to show for it!

This just got here by snail mail and it is the loveliest thing ever, and a thing I'm aspecially proud of since this is solid proof of me standing up for my beliefs and puting my money where my mouth is.

I like that.

So often I doubt myself and see myself lazy, inert and hypocritical - talking instead of doing - and this is but a first firm step in the right direction: growing the tree of realization from the seed of resolve.

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