Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music Thursday - We Can Surely Rock! - She Loves Pablo

Reexamining impressions during list-making season I noticed that there have been many Croatian band concerts in 2012. that I really loved but just like the old proverb says: "No man is a prophet in his own land" this societal idiosyncrasy rules Croatian sound scene.

I do not like that and it does not seem fair to me so I'm going to point out some of the finest specimens to be noticed and adored. Three to be exact, in bussiness of making rock music that really rocks.

First one up, my longtime favorites - She Loves Pablo.

I have first noticed them in 2011. when they opened for Been Obscene and they almost stole the show, fact that was immediatelly and wholeheartedly acknowledged by guys from Been Obscene as they went onstage.

In March I went to see them on El Stonero and they were even better. I loved the show and I loved their sex and their energy. I also loved their audience and I loved being their audience - energized, aroused, ready to sin and to sacrifice. Their music is all you would want from a rock band and then some, and their 2009. album Mother of All (still available for free downoad) lost nothing of its freshness and its power.

But they were already preparing new material at that time and Gamblin' was first official video released:

Second one, even more to my taste, was Impassive, Massive and Aggressive:

And tomorrow, on Friday January 25th 2013.,  their new album will be out and presented  to the loving public at KSET. You do not want to miss that.

Ticket 20 kn, door at 20:00. See you there!

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