Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wiener slices with spaghetti hair garnished with spicy chickpeas

Few days ago my friend showed me a photo of cooking idea I instantly loved and, having a kid that loves fun food and surprises, I decided to give it a go.

First you slice Wieners across so slices are about 2cm/1inch thick and you thread spaghetti halves through it. It can be done with long spaghetti but it is a pain to cook them like that and it is awkward to eat them after because nothing is "bite size appropriate".

Prepared slices just add to pot of boling salt water and cook 5-10 minutes, until spahgetti are nice and cooked through (al dente). Drain. If you want you can eat them just as they are, or add a splash of good olive oil or some grated cheese.

I wanted a splash more of color so I made garnish with one sliced small onion cooked on diced small slice of bacon in wok pan until light brown and caramelized. I added half tbsp red paprika and half tsp pepper (plus salt if needed), stired until it was nice and fragnant and then added some cooked chickpeas (I had leftovers, but one small drained can will be ok) and some water, just to cover, and I left it to simmer when spaghetti were boiling. I mixed drained spaghetti wieners into it...

 ... and served it with some grated hard goat cheese on top.

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