Monday, March 4, 2013

Basic Socks

Since last bout of crazy gift knitting around Christmas ended I was in a bit of a standstill with new projects. I did make some hats, some swatches did unexpectedly turn into scarves and baby clothes, some yoga-socks were cranked out and sent off but I felt kinda: "Meh", "Knitting-schmitting,... meh."

Until last week when I had an overwhelming urge to treat myself with "real socks", immediately!

So first one was made after a bit of tinkering with technique.

Needles: 4 steel DPNs size 2 mm
Yarn: discontinued Pazinka sock weight yarn, leftovers from yarn cone
Size: I wear shoes size 38-39 and these fit snugly
Type: simple, toe-up

Using Judy's Magic Cast-on cast on 10 stiches to each needle (20 total) and work in rounds adding 4 stitches per row at the ends every second row (I used kfb but m1 is ok) until total of 52 stitches is reached. Divide stitches on 3 needles so that sole 26 stitches are on first needle and upper-foot 26 stitches are divided 13-13 on two remaining neeedles.

Knit in rounds for about 42 rows (more for longer foot) and then add for arch 2 stitches (m1) every 7th row 5 times on lateral ends of upper-foot - that means that first time adding you will make sole 26 st., knit one from upper foot and m1 and knit to the end of the needle (having 14 total on that needle), knit 12, m1, knit 1 (having 14 total on this needle also). After kniting 6 more rows repeat addition row (ending with 26+15+15 stitches) and do this until you have 26+18+18 st on needles. Knit 6 more rows (or more for longer foot) and work short-row heel and after that join to work in the round again taking care not to leave gapping holes between sole and arch stitches. I usually pick one stitch from row below last at the place where sole and arch join (not making one new stitch, just picking the one already made in row below) and knit this one with adjacent one on sole part of the sock - k2tog on the right side and SSK on left side.

Now you're left with 26+18+18=62 stitches. Work in the round until prefered sock height is reached and then decrease 2 (62-2=60 stitches) so you can work 2x2 rib next 20 or so rows.

End with Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off.

I fell so absolutely in love with this sock when I finished it I immediately casted on for second sock and two days later I'm proudly sporting this pair through a spring morning.

 Look at these lovely heels. <3 enamored <3


Astrid Der Kinderen said...

Hi. I love the way your socks look!
Hope you don't mind me asking how to make them for mens feet. I've never knitted socks before and the way you descriped them makes me want to try them for the men in the family.

Derza Fanistori said...

Hi Astrid. Sorry for the delay, I just got around to a few minutes to reply :)

These socks fit well both man and women and I made some for my brother already. For bigger feet you just start with a few more caston stitches and/or add a few more on the toes in the beginning (depending on the yarn you chose) so this will make for bigger circumference of the foot. Also, you can add more stitches for the instep for better fit and for longer foot you make a few more rows before turning heel. If you will need more detailed instructions feel free to write me an email shortly discribing the situation and I'll do my best to help.

BarbM32 said...

After the purchase of a dozen or more "easy" sock books I happened across your pattern which I will endeavor to knit. I have two socks started, am down to the heel and stumped. I ordered a DVD and anxiously awaiting for it to arrive. Your sock is exactly what I have been looking for especially with the smooth knitted heel and toe. Is a sock easier to make starting with the toe? I want to use the 9" needle size 2. One of the socks I've started is on #3 and looks to loose.

Derza Fanistori said...

Hi BarbM32 :)
Glad to hear you are adamant to learn how to make socks and I hope coming across this post will help you do that.
Just to summarize if I have understood correctly: You have started top down sock and came to heel part so you would like to use this heel and bottom part to continue?
It is possible, but since this post is written for bottom up (toe-up) sock you would need to make this heel (short-row heel can be made either comining from above or below). Once you make heel you would continue by decreasing as was discribed for increasing and once you arrive to toe stitches you would have to graft (kitchener stitch) last row to have such smooth toe.
That being said, if you are not seasoned sock knitter I would rather start a new one to try this "sock recipe". It knits very fast, especially if they are short socks like mine on the photos are.
If you get stuck please feel free to use and we can see if we can work it out together :)