Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Hi-yo, Silver! Away!"

I bought myself a bike.

I bought one for my offspringess too, but mine had to be taken out of a box and put together - so I had to wait to use mine.

Yesterday evening my brother came, carrying toolbox, and we assembled my new bike. He screwed it together while I was asking 100 questions and we pumped the tires and went into the parking lot.

Butterflies in my stomach already got dizzy from excitement.

I climbed up and tried to ride. It went well.

I tried the brakes. I tried to come off of it and to leave it by the fence. I already tried to lock it and it works.

Then my brother took it for a spin and he was pleased. He said: "We're done here. I'm going!"

So he went off.

And I stayed in my parking lot and rode it for a few laps between the cars. The neighbour, the talkative one, asked from his balcony:

"Is it a new bike?"

And I said "Well it is!", teary-eyed and happy. "I has been 20 years since I last had one. And now I can even ride it anytime I like, I can ride it to the store and I can ride it to cool off."

Neighbour laughed jovially at my happiness and then he and his wife watched me spin through the parking lot.

I rode it through our parking lot, and then one parking lot more, then down the street. Gravel was singing under my tires, my hair was flying, air was buzzing by my ears.

I rode it up and down the street once, twice, countless times. I smiled and rode it until the night came and then I was a bit sad I don't have lights on my new bike so I could ride it in the dark.

I am pleased. I will procure some lights.

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