Monday, July 2, 2012

Enjoying nature is home

I went for a walk to the forrest yesterday.

It was warm and very bright and grass was still covered in dew. Forrest was singing, fragrant and inviting.

I met this guy on the road and he showed me the way...
... to sunbathed spring...
... where I washed my face and shivered and smiled, and drank cold water 'till my teeth froze.
Place was buzzing with life and some of it came to greet me and to taste me a little to see what I am made of.
Bug said I'm ok to go so further into the wood I went to explore feeding grounds for boar and dear.
Lilac linseed plants were so welcoming, I had to take a peek...
... while polkadot bugs were playing on nearby flowers.
And then I grew tired and sat on a moss-covered log...
... adamant to wait for a frog to come and say hello and surely he came.

There were hikers hiking, there were runners running, there were dog-people carrying on after their pets and there was me - interacting with nature. Looking under logs and being landed upon. Frog almost went out of the water to come closer to me and I could have sworn he winked at me when I got up to leave.

It is a serenity immersion. It is a cleansing of thouhgt and of spirit.

It is home.

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