Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kreso i Kisele Kise, Cirkus and Officer Down @KSET 20Jan2012

I lived in Rijeka when I was in college. It was a great cultural shock for me moving from Zagreb to Rijeka. In positive sense.

You see, I was always more or less unwilling to conform and it often meant I spent a lot of time surrounded with punk and HC crowd. In Zagreb pressure to conform is great and mentality even now small-town and narrow minded (although Zagreb is by far biggest city in Croatia and also capital) leading to punks being beastly fierce, unforgiving and over-the-top in need of visual cues of belonging. When I moved to Rijeka I was, all of the sudden, surrounded with alternative dress-codes and lifestyles of all kinds and that was so usual, so nonchalant, so accepted as normal and so un-weird it was mainstream.

And that same sense of relaxed normalcy overpowered my weary soul when I arrived to KSET last night to see Kreso i Kisele Kise, Cirkus and Officer Down.

Usually early, watching musicians go through sound checks and crowd gather, I was reminded of that very shock and the sense of being at home I always had in Rijeka and from there it only got better.

CiRKUS from Poreč were first on stage and they made for one great show...

... both with their music and being funniest live act I have ever seen. Their front-man was talking all the time and he was so unusually candid that everything they did was regarded benevolent and funny - including few awkward jokes and side-show their nauseous guitarist had during the performance. Reggae really is not high on my list of preferred musical styles but it was sheer pleasure to listen to them play - relaxed, vivacious, auditory attractive, direct.

Next ones up were my primary point of interest: Kreso i Kisele Kise (Kreso and Acid Rains)...

... and they were utterly fantastic! There is very small selection of things more beautiful to me than than to see people that were up until ten minutes ago blending mimicricly with the audience all of the sudden climbing onto stage in wigs, skirts and flower-design long-johns. They played all of my favorites (Odmor-Stan, Zamet me Zove, Babo! Babo! Ugrizo me jež!) and then some and they had absolutely wicked collection of props doing this including feather boa, sprays and paper fireworks. I laughed so hard I lost my voice and I danced and enjoyed this gig immensely.

And if all that was not enough there was another band after KKK's: Officer Down...

... who were promoting their new album "Fušeri uzvraćaju udarac" and who have a cutest girl ever with wonderful singing voice among their midst. I almost felt sorry for them when they were going up stage as the night was not very young at that point and two bands have already shaken the crowd up but all my concern proved to be in vain as the audience had indeed brought their dancing shoes and goodwill with them and they sang with and danced and drank and enjoyed themselves.

I do not think I ever saw so many females like there were last night in KSET nor so overwhelming female to male ratio at any concert whatsoever. And most certainly I never did see women sing so passionately any song with any topic as they sang Rakija (distilled strong spirits, Schnaps) last night.

Great performances, great concert night and great night out.

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