Monday, January 9, 2012

Work and Play

I took a few days off knit-wise and spent first week of this year browsing through books and playing Fallout 1 (tweaked with Falche - OMG the difference for short play time-frames available to working single parents!).

This weekend I returned to knitting and this is my two-day progress working on top-down cardigan (size L, 40-42) for me. I am pleased. I'm even going to write down instructions to make this one.

Kniting it I had plenty of time to watch bunch of series and even a few movies - I especially liked Girl With the Dragon Tatoo (2009) that national TV showed on Saturday night. It is wonderfully made movie with great cast and lustrous cinematics and I enjoyed the immersion immensly. During scenes with Peter Andersson I got so furious my hands shook from anger and my blood boiled.

Wonderfuly made movie.

I think I'm going to go to library and read the books to see the discrepance, and then I will check out Fincher's 2011 version.

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