Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Dress

As we all got gifts during Christmas season and Frankie didn't get anything my offspringess decided to resolve this tale of injustice with negotiations about dressmaking. She was so cunning this time (I wonder where she gets that from?) she offered to be taught knitting if the garment that I am to make - will meet her expectations.

This was just too precious to miss.

I got my tiny 2mm dpns and fine red mercerised cotton thread and in an hour or so made open back dress tied in the back of the neck that can easily be dressed on the big headed doll. Adorned with black felt flower I thought it looked just perfect.

Offspringess said: "This is the dress? It looks even better than I have imagined!"

So there you have it. Just to plan a few begginers lessons and we're ready to roll :-)

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