Monday, January 16, 2012

Pure Stems Pack @ KSET 12Jan2011

It may be that I'm most cautious going to gigs of people who I know from my ex-life but there is no better time than the present to confront one's own misconceptions. So I went to see Pure Stems Pack album promotion show at KSET on Thursday night.

First up there were Stronghold, street HC band from Zagreb...

... and they were pretty good. Well played-in, energetic, raw. I loved the nonchalance with which the singer communicated with the audience and I loved how the moment they started to play I was absolutely sure my decision to come to this gig was the right one.

Also, I immediately remembered what I loved best back in the day:  this is the crowd with which there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that no matter how well stocked the party is there will always be people there who are NOT too drunk to fuck. People who are so autonomous they need no help to say no to drugs, to booze, to pressure of any kind. Regally Independent.

Next ones up, Dryflood, kicked ass and they were contagiously playful and fun to see and listen to. Having two vocals could be tiresome and chaotic but they pull it off quite nicely.

Between taking pictures, dancing and greeting old friends time just flied and then there were Pure Stems Pack up on the stage.

There was some talk, some laughter, few guests and firm HC sound and it all went by too fast.

I am pleased.

It may be that HC is not everyone's cup of tea but they do make best live shindigs. It was good of me to allow myself some leeway in this matter to go and see and remember where is it I'm coming from.

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