Friday, January 20, 2012

White gloves

I have not blogged for a few days because I was sad and angry. Mostly angry. And I'm still not comfortable talking about that so I'll just move to other stuff.

My cardigan is coming along nicely, but there was an urgency of greatest importance - my offspringess stated that she's in need of new gloves and this urgent need had to be addressed A.S.A.P. And it was. These white variegated Ringwoods are already in wearable condition.

Also, carnival time is drawing near and my offspringess ordered that short shihakusho coat (like the one Nozomi Kujo wore in Bleach) is to be made immediately so she can prance around in it when the need arises. So I'm putting my cardigan on hold a bit until this is done.

Life is truly beautiful when one sees one's values being integrated in one's children.

It is a playground and a church, all at the same time.

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