Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#0000FF hat and cowl set - free pattern

So this is my fast gratification cheering up reward on the photo above:

Blue mohair hat and cowl set.

Slouchy hat was made to accomodate my ginormous ponnytail and also to sit nicely on my head when I decide not to tie my hair up. I used 5.5 mm bamboo circulars for the body (brim to top) and dpns for crown decreases. Long tail cast on (72 stitches) was joined to work in the round and followed by 8 rows of 1x1 rib and then with 30 rows of seed stitch. Decreases were made in every other row on both ends of 12 stitch slices (72=6x12) until 6 stitches remained which were then nicely pulled together and stitched closed with daring needle. Following seed stitch pattern during decreases proved to be easier than I thought since it falls in quite nicely to decrease k2tog once on knit stitches (through back loop) and another time on purl stitches (through front loops, purl-wise). I used little less than 1 skein (70% acrilic, 30% mohair) stash yarn for the hat.

Cowl was made on 6 mm circular needle by casting on 120 stitches (long tail cast on) and then worked in the round in moss stitch using the rest of "hat skein" and 1 whole skein - about 50 rows - until all yarn was used up. It was loosely bound off and two ends were weaved in.

I found it nice to use simple, bumpy stitch patterns (like seed and moss) for mohair as it brings out the uneven-ness and bumpy-ness of yarn. Finished garments are fluffy and squishy and warm and very satisfying.


For less slouchy, more strechy hat cast on (long tail) 60 stitches onto 4,5mm circular needle and work 1x1 rib in the round for 12 rows. On 13th row start with seed stitch in the round on 5mm circulars and work for about 36 rows or until you feel has sits nicely on your head when you wear it. Decrease every other row on both ends of 10 stitch slices (60 stitches make 6 10 stitch slices - after 1st decrease they make 6 8 stitsh slices, after second decrease 6 6 sitch slices,...) until 6 stitches total remain. Then use daring needle to pick up remaining 6 sitches, pull them snugly together and weave end into wrong side of hat.

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