Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MOCP Day 18 - Craft Books

Some of my craft books.

On the top of the pile here are my newest books - gifts to myself from a source I just recently discovered: Book Depository - online bookstore with free shipping anywhere in the world (including Croatia!!!) They are truly great: organized in a simple, intuitive manner, accept paypal, send information promptly but do not spam, ship books extremely quick and pack it well so it arrives safely. They have even sent me a small gift - beautiful bookmark with cooking conversions.

On the bottom of the pile there is one borrowed book "Folk jewelry of Croatia" and some knitting books my family owns for 30-something years. They are very good and have served as a portal from basic skill my nana tought me to skill refinement efforts I had to propel by myself and in which I still persist.

Perculiary absent crochet books are visiting at my aunt's. They will be back shortly when she returns from mineral springs hospital where she is recovering from arthritis.

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