Monday, February 6, 2012

MOCP Day 6 - Colors

This one photo I actually took intending it to be Day 4 photo - inspiration outdoors - but, strictly speaking, this is no outdoors regardless of my world division to "home" and "not home".

So two days passed while I was rethinking this and whatayaknow: I found one better for outdoors and I have decided to keep this one for "colors".

I love its vitriolic green, come-hither silver, graininess and non-definition. These things I really do use when knitting and crafting.

I also use good music for inspiration knitting and crafting and I have been known to use an occasional streak of inspiration from manga and movies. It is a life of passion - and for passion to stay virile and potent it seems often necessary that one is able to hold mind images slightly out of focus.

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