Thursday, February 16, 2012

MOCP Day 14 - Where I Craft

This is my crafting nook.

As I have just one room I try my best to fit everything in it.

Books, knitting and crocheting doohickeys and stash, computers, jewelry supplies, sewing stuff, felting stuff, writing and drawing stuff, small handyman repair stuff. I designed cupboards, shelves and closets to cater to my needs. I put stuff into hobby boxes.

I love being ready to work on anything that I happen to need right away. That is why I call this my lair.

It takes a bit of planning ahead but it pays off nicely. I'm almost always ready for last-minute gift making, urgent repairs on styling, unique accessories. That pleases me immensly.

It creates a sense of security I do not have in other areas of my life.

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