Thursday, February 23, 2012

MOCP Day 22 - Contrasts

This is my favorite scarf.

I crocheted it about 2 years ago using two laceweight yarns I bought on cones, for rediculosly low price of 40kn/kg (7$ per kg).

Maroon (#800000) and Silver (#C0C0C0) colored yarn, different by feel and hazyness but both very nice to touch and all items I made from them wash and keep shape famously. I already made silver only dress, maroon only pullover and vest and using both yarns I made this scarf changing color every two rows and vest/sweater holding both yarns together - and there is still more yarn on both cones.

But in the shop... they did not feel like a pair.

They never seeemed nor felt like they should be put together and they did not leave an impression of yarns destined to forge their path as one.

Maroon is always clear and well defined and silver hazy, on verge of pilling. Maroon too firm, almost weed-like to the touch, like there was grass left in the wild wool before spinning and Silver squishy, soft, flimsy like it would just fall apart as spiderweb does when someone goes through it.

Not something you would imagine paired.

Until they were put together, and tried, and made to work.

And they make beautiful, durable things.

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