Sunday, February 12, 2012

MOCP Day 11 - A WIP

This is one VIP WIP :)

Bleach shihakusho coat my offspringess wished for for carnival season.

I based it loosely on kimono look. It is top-down raglan coat made with black and white Jelka (Tovarna volnenih izdelkov Majšperk; 28% wool, 72% Acryl) using 3mm needles for body (circulars) and sleeves (dpns) and 2,5mm for white stripe on front and neck edge.

Belt made on 2mm needles, using linen stitch. It is so beautifully firm and lovely textured I love it to tears.

Bottom end for body and sleeves features white edging turned over deeeep into wrong side. My offspringes squealed from happiness when she saw it first: "It is just like the one Nozomi Kujo wore!"

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