Thursday, February 9, 2012

MOCP Day 8 - Challenging

My biggest challenge is to finish things I work on - to make them wearable. There have been many sweaters/gloves/vests/shawls almost finished, that just needed some final sewing or weaving in ends, that waited not days but years at the time. I'm working on this, trying to become more focused on entire process, including finishing and - oh no!!! - adorning.

Awkward stuff on the photo is two fronts for an experiment I endeavored upon.

Laceweight yarn spiderweb cardigan worked on 10mm needles.

I made all parts.

I even concocted a way to have all parts strengthened for assembly without added weight.

Just haven't come around to do it yet.


Heather said...

I'm exactly the same when it comes to things for myself. I will knit 'til the cows come home for my DH and my little EJ but not for myself. :D my goal for this year is to finish everything I've started or to frog it completely not leave it in the closet in pieces for years.

derzafanistori said...

Ah yes, frogging completely - I'm trying that one for size also :)