Monday, February 27, 2012

MOCP Day 25 - When You Craft

I work nine to five, 25 km from home.

I am divorced single parent to first-grader who brings homework every day.

I craft when I have time; at night, after work, after homework check, after workout session and after everything is prepared for school, bed made and tomorrow's lunch planned I sit in bed and talk with my offspringess about a movie or anime episode we are currently watching and I craft.

During my lunch-break I sometimes have time to search for a project or information to include into project I already have in my mind. In my mind, I craft all the time, because I have so little time to actually work on things I have to have good head-start.

On weekends I sometimes carry my knitting with me to social gatherings but there are not many people who tolerate knitting on social gatherings.

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