Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MOCP day 19 - Supplies

Most of my supplies come from eBay.

The possibility to shop there has turned my creative existence upside down.

I love having this option of buying good stuff from people halfway around the globe and just waiting a bit for mailman to surprise me with wonderful gifts.

I have no bad experiences with online shopping. Even stuff that did not find its way to my mailbox was later received - after I contacted sellers thay were more than willing to help me and to re-send things if they did not come first time around.

Other things I buy in hobby and yarn shops in Zagreb, like this Pazinka yarn in the photo. Sadly Pazinka factory has gone under not managing to survive privatization turmoil during 1990s but some of their stuff still manages to come afloat somehwere to be snatched in an instant.

It's funny how politics determines even the smallest details of our lives. There is really no merit to ignoring the world around us since it definitely does not ignore us back.

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