Friday, February 17, 2012

MOCP Day 15 - A New Skill

Newest skill I acquired seems to be grafting.

Sometime during last year fall I made a pile of Ysolda's wonderful Garter Stitch Mitts so I got a chance to work on my short row and grafting techniques.

I dabbled with grafting before but it didn't quite set in as I feel it now. Now I have confidence to use it not only on small, invisible places, but also on bigger pieces and in plain sight. I like how it feels like my skill is growing in considerable "jumps" now, all because I give it time and effort - so later I can use all that skill with as little time and effort as possible and with results showing all the work that went into building the skill.

It is pure joy to see foreseeable mechanics at work.

Investment returning as profit. Wonderful.

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