Thursday, February 9, 2012

MOCP Day 9 - Your Hands

My hands.

They are a bit over-lighted here, but my hands really are like a membrane stretched over a drum. They're criss-crossed with gazillion lines but all lines disappear if I harden and spread my fingers. And they always sparkle, even when they are really dry, just like there are tiniest sequins just under the skin.

I had to teach myself to hold yarn differently this summer.

I used to hold yarn entirely with my left index finger, pulling it through cramped nook under middle knuckle. It worked well for winter yarns, but it was un-plying cotton threads. And my right, working hand, hurt from all the effort I shoveled into knitting trying not to un-ply cotton.

So one day I decided to break the habit so I forced myself to hold yarn differently.

I was slow.

My stitches were uneven.

I frogged as much as I knitted.

I made some really winky and loopy objects but after a month my hands stopped hurting and my stitches are now much more beautiful than before. Same tension on knit and purl side. No noticeable uneven rows between putting down knitting and taking it up again the next day.

To reign over myself - it fills me with such pride.

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